Ethics of consultation.

How best to explain my way to accompany you.

These lines will express what I feel: company you.  

"We can not, when we work as a medium and/or clairvoyant, always be in shape.

So to be sure to make a meaningful consultation, a rule is necessary: ​​
the practitioner has to be able, without the consultant expressing his/her present or past, to identify its problems, expectations, allowing the life of the consultant to be redrawn.

We must place a frame through which we must rebuild with sufficient accuracy to be sure you "catch/feel" the person who is in front of us.

If after a quarter of an hour of conversation with the practitioner you feel that NO, really, it's not, the relationship does not extend any longer and you are required to pay NO FEE.

This point is the cornerstone of my ethics.

By applying this practice, no charlatan can not survive".


As in all activities - some people try to take advange by constantly wanting free consultation. Unfortunately, I have met some of those.

Keep in mind that I spend with much Love and Devotion, generously my time and energy to meet and be close to you in the understanding and development of your Life Path.

The universe and the energy function when there is an exchange, so if everyone gives and receives - everyone feels it is consistent and fair.

Given the investment of time and energy my services are not free.

Case by case and exceptionally I can offer "at your good heart."

Thank you for your understanding.



Let me remind you that I am only a humble mediumistic channel either for advice and/or energy to care.

THE FAMOUS MAGIC WAND that could transform your life in the blink of an eye - I do not own - nor have its power, only you hold it in your inner self.

My role is to assist you to highlight and guide you by giving you the keys (and tools) as well as understanding of their uses and utilities. Key and tools without understanding how to use them have no real interest.

Together everything becomes possible when we combine verbs: UNDERSTANDING - and WILL POWER.

All work is done in tandem with the life force energy and it is at this condition that the results can be extraordinary.


Any personal study that I can give you is used only to highlight certain aspects of your life and/or personality and/or questions you may have.

You may need to read several times to fully understand those highlights; so I recommend you keep and read again, if necessary, to have a better viewpoint.

In no case, my advice or study have legal meaning and/or psychological and/or medical professionals.

Similarly, my study can not possibly substitute medical or psychological diagnosis made by a health care professional.

Always consult your doctor and never interrupt a medical treatment.
I will never suggest it.

Thank you for your trust and I hope to fulfil your expectations.



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