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Destiny Life

"By making the invisible visible, we become more aware of

our real Inner Self"


With years of experience we acquire more accuracy in areas that become our own areas

of interest and expertise.

To guide you - no pressure - no prejudice or judgment - only gentleness and compassion.

Often said or heard :
"If I had known - if only someone had told me"



I developed a personal technic combining my academic knowledge and sensory -

to offer you precise keys of your past and what could open up in your future.

My principal goal is to help you understand so that you may develop your

Precious Inner Light and Energy.

The key words are:- WHY - DECODE  - EXPLAIN -  to find and set out

YOUR personalized solution(s) or goal(s).

Psycho & Psycho-Emotional - Who Am I?

    > Parasychological : Humanist Portrait
    > Life Path > Psycho-Emotional > Evolution / Spiritual
    > Psycho-genealogy

Couple (Genesis / reasons / solutions)

    > Marital problems
    > Sexuality
    > Various


    > Professional strength(s) / potential(s)
    > Evolution
    > Choice of direction
    > Support to decision making
    > Choice of professional reconversion

Finance and its evolution

Geobiological Measures  / Habitat and/or Habitat & Health

Vital Health (See: Ethics and Notices)

Gentle portrait of your vital health and hygiene with appropriate advice.

Explanation of the genesis of certain dysfunctions-disharmony.

Psychosomatic decoding.

Possible choice of appropriate therapy depending on individual case study as to a natural therapy alone or in addition to your regular medical treatment which can give you extra well-being (only on private consultation).


All your problems, concerns, worries, doubts, questions of daily life but do not ask me the Lotto numbers or Euromillion, the good combinations are not given to me.

However, please do not hesitate to ask me if there is a particular area of interests you that you wish that I investigate and that I have not put on the list.

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Channeling: see "Channelling"

Energy healing/medicine 4D Method and Reiki: see "Energy"

My Supports: see section: "How I work"
Written Personalized Research Report : see section "Gift Ideas"
Let your Inner Light Glow



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