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Channelling animals is the easiest form of this art.

Animals do not of course use human language, although they have a strong desire to communicate with humans. Simply release the concept of meant words and you can "feel" the animal.

With openness to feelings, the more the mind naturally begin to ask simple words or phrases on the feelings, the more the human consciousness will have a better understanding of the communication.

To return communication to an animal, drop the need to use words. Instead, allow your senses to open and flow to your pet. More you become confident and competent in channeling with the animal, the more information will flow quickly and easily, and you will have less desire to use descriptions or images.

An extraordinary experience

A special session that was given to me to livein which I served as a channel with  a living female dog.


A communication between the animal and her master to express not only her affection - with a touch of humor but also tell him what she was suffering internally and what she wanted exactly as complementary care.

Generally, we do not think about the fact that even if an animal does not talk -  nontheless the non-verbal communication and energy is still present.

An extraordinary and heart-warming experience !


Intuitive telepathic communication with your pet, healing session and follow-up

Chf 75.-   including 1 session with the pet.

Euros       price to be communicated upon request


At your home : (it is preferred that the pet is on his territory)


Distance (on photo) with a complete debriefing by telephone, email or courier.




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