Attunement Level II (16h)

During the II level, I will introduce you to the three symbols that enhance the flow of Universal Life Energy already present in you, and resorbing blockages and harmonizing your whole being.

The symbols are keys that allow you to transmit Reiki distance, beyond space and time, and the concentration of power energy. In a session of care that is physical and emotional/mental. Treatment of a situation, a home or a place becomes possible.

This second step enhances the concentration of your mind and has the effect of increasing your potential energy, prompting you to continue your wonderful inner journey.

The second level is also followed by a mandatory daily self-treatment that you will do for a minimum of 21 consecutive days. This self-treatment seems essential.


  • Revision of the first level course.
  • Teach and explain the four symbols of the second level Reiki
    (power, mental, distance, heart).
  • How to use symbols in self-treatment and treatment of others.
  • How to cure specific problems.
  • Remote treatments.
  • The attunement to the second level.
  • Practice treatments and remote treatments with symbols.

Individual or small group over two days.
Cost: EUR 350. -
Full documentation is given during the course.

A certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

Time integration suggested before initiation third level : 6 to 12 months





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