On a finer and but very powerful level : I can offer Channelling sessions

To receive messages for you from :

    - your guides and/or your guardian(s) angel(s) and/or Spiritual Guide


    - communication with other messengers / entities
    - communication with the souls of missing persons,
    - animal communication,
   (An extraordinary experience and unusual incursion into the animal world).

Being a very subtle work that can take time - I perform this work only in private consultation - rarely by telephone.

What is Channelling

The 'channelling' is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, the nature spirits, the non-physical entities or even animals.

A 'channel' is very similar to a translator or an interpreter. He allows himself to feel or sense the communication from the other being. The 'channel' puts words on human communication and understanding those of other humans.

A channel can choose who or what he wants to 'channel'. As the other party has an interest in the communication,  link is then established and the channeling can begin. If the entity agrees to communicate with the channel, the flow of non-verbal information occurs. The channel receives information on an intuitive level or through his feelings, his mind and then converts the raw information into words. Contrary to popular belief, the entities are not accustomed to using human languages because they find them cumbersome and heavy. The essence of their rich message is transmitted via a series of fine sensory sensations.

Another misconception is that the channel must be in a deep state of trance, or abandon his body and mind to the entity. Instead, channeling is very similar to any other form of communication, whether it be verbal, physical, sensory or artistic. All this sends a message which is subject to the understanding of the one who receives. They are aware of themselves and what is happening around. They focus their attention on meaning and the entity that channel, and then interpret the message. The contemporaries channels do not usually leave their bodies nor abandon their mind during the process of communication.

Some people are afraid of channelling because they do not understand the process, or because they think that a negative or black entity may enter. The channel always has the choice of who or what he wants to channel, the same way he has the choice of who he wants for friends. The channel may insist on knowing the name and origin of each entity or angelic being who wants to communicate with him.

The experienced channels know that it is not enough that an entity wishes to communicate that it is necessarily enlightened. The channel must discern of the illumination level of the entity as well as the value of information. Some entities simply enjoy chatting, others may have a purpose, but there are also many entities that have the desire to enlighten, guide and advise.






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