How I Work - My Tools

I consult personally with a large dose of sweetness, humor and seriousness - uncompromising.



STOP with doubt(s) and/or misunderstanding(s).



Listen, support and advice in all fields - for this I rely on:

  • Mediumship.

  • Flashes.

  • Dowsing (pendulum) - powerful to explore :
    from simple individual issues
    to more specific researches including dates (approx.).

  • Channeling and automatic writing-for a personalized research.

  • I also use the Oracles (Belline Oracle of Ge and Oracle of the Triad, Hebrew letters).

Finally, if you wish - also on photography(ies).



White light on your life to better UNDERSTAND, MANAGE and most importantly EVOLVE calmly.



Let yourself be surprised by my revelations, guidance and clarification.


White Light candles



or choose an other language.

Helpful to understand the original texts in your own language.
(Not perfect).

Music & vibrations





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