Mastery "Master Teacher" Level

I am willing to accompany, on the way to the mastery of teaching, the person who wants to contribute a large part of his life to Reiki.

Prior personal one-to-one discussion to be agreed upon.

I consider the level III as Master level.

However, some Reiki masters split these levels into 3 a) and 3 b) or level 4 because students do not feel immediately prepared for teaching and wish a longer time to integrate previous levels.

It is important to take the time to deal with the various levels of Reiki.
Within 10 to 18 months seems correct level between 3 and level 4.

You want to integrate the mastery in your way of life and you have completed the first three levels. You have changed and you feel ready to continue your inner transformation, your spiritual healing.
You may wish to transmit, through initiations/attunements, the wisdom and teaching of the Universal Love that vibrational medicine Reiki is.

Do not consider the level 4 as a final stage, but take it as the start of the path to your personal development, physical and spiritual. You are at the beginning of a wonderful adventure, remember to remain open and attentive to life.


  • Attunement Symbol activation energy for the attunement transmission
  • Techniques - Attunement - First Level Reiki
  • Techniques - Attunement - Second Level Reiki
  • Techniques - Attunement - Third / Fourth Level of Reiki
  • Philosophy/ethics as a Reiki Master

Training in small groups over two days.
Cost: EUR 720. -
Full documentation is given during the course.
A certificate will be awarded at the end.


Individual or small group of 3 to 4 days -
for both levels 3 & 4
Cost - EUR 1200. -
Full documentation (Level 3 and for the Master Teacher is given during the course).
A certificate will be awarded at the end.

Free from the Level 3: Attunement to Reiki-DNA certificate and documentation included.



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