Depending on the number of participant(s), on the season and my imagination, the place of courses may vary.


Individual : at home or in your home.

More important group : place to be defined.

Accomodation : in principle, private accommodation is not provided.
But everything can be organized for you so just ask me.

Timing : the courses are usually held on a weekend.

Drinks and snacks : are offered during courses.

Meals : to be define.

If you want to organize at your home a course (minimum 4 people) -
I am willing to come over.

In principle, all attunements are done individually.

Level combination : Depending on your degree of evolution and if you feel ready to integrate and manage, you can choose to combine levels, ask for a special price-combination.

It is not possible to shorten or modify the training program.

The courses are very intense moments and the start of a very strong process of purification and healing both physical and spiritual.

Have no fear never you will be judged - so please do not repress your emotions - feel free to let them out and express them.

Clothes : wear a wide and comfortable outfit.

Other Conditions :

You wish a payment arrangement,  you are a student, unemployed or sick, please 
do not hesitate to ask for special payment arrangements.  Once agreed, thank you to honor your commitments.

Only registration that has been confirmed by a payment of at least 50% will be taken into account (deposit is refundable in case of force majeure).

Failing receipt of total payment agreed upon - at the latest the day of the start of the training - it will simply be cancelled.

Presence and Sharing

One of the principles of the Master: sharing information with others.
Concrete case studies - the well-known facts of Reiki that are recognized and any particular experiences that deserve to be shared.

"Master one day, Master forever."

Which means "I will always be there for you my friends" with my human limitations of course, but you can also count on me verbally, mentally and emotionally.

Because our energies are connected forever, we have become a spiritual family on Earth ... let us enjoy and share this amazing connection we have decided to create.

I am bilingual French-English and an important part of my training documentation is written in both languages.

All courses can be followed in both French and English.



or choose an other language.

Helpful to understand the original texts in your own language.
(Not perfect).

Music & vibrations





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