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DNA is the molecule of heredity. It contains in coded form all information related to the life of a living organism, from the simplest to the most complex, animal, plant, bacterial and viral.

The function of DNA is to make the proteins that the body needs.
The proteins thus formed have different functions that can be
simplified by reducing them to two essentials :
  • The autonomy of the organization (its growth, defense)
  • Reproduction


 DNA therefore contains all information likely to create and give life to a body.

A DNA molecule is in the form of a double helix. This double helix is ​​a macromolecule composed of 150 billion atoms.

The structure of DNA and its chemical components exchanges and collects hydrogen and additional chemicals that the cells need to absorb the higher light, undifferentiated and reproduce in Light Codes recognizable by DNA.

In the third dimension our DNA has only two spirals, and changing vibrational level, it is possible to reconnect fully to our twelve spirals.

Some beings have the ability to consciously transform themselves and to reconnect to their essential DNA completely. For the vast majority of human beings, essentially making the connection with the consciousness of what we are and work with spiritual depth.

From the moment you begin this inner journey, these multiple realizations, you get to transform all that you are, even at the cellular level. You know that the mind has a great power over matter.

Our DNA has a vibration and electromagnetic field that is sensitive to our intentions, and that, like a computer, it contains programming that may have to be thought through and that can change.

Biologists who worked on the human genome identified only 3% of our genetic code. According to scientists, there are a number of arrangements of genes that are active in our genetic code and others are latent. Our genetic contains vast desert-like genes between and within the same gene, which they called "superfluous DNA."

The wave of DNA may change depending on the state of mind of the individual. The spiral may extend or curl, as we are in a state of weakness or depression, or otherwise in a state of happiness or creative.

Part of our DNA consists of our original lost codes, buried somewhere in an unexplored area that scientists call DNA superfluous; another portion was programmed from generation to generation by our biological ancestors, yet another part by our parents and our environment at an age where we did not have the choice to accept or reject such programming, and finally, often unconsciously, by our past experiences.

DNA Reiki is aimed at people who have already made a spiritual journey and want to activate their energy fields and implement the energy of love in each of their cells and their DNA Divine.

It improves physical health by releasing DNA (energy) spiritual.

This energy is very powerful to help people suffering from chronic syndrome of Fybromalgie and other chronic or degenerative.

This energy can also be used to improve the health and well-being. 
Chronic diseases are difficult to treat. Using DNA Reiki, we will work on the blocks located in the energy model of the person (spiritual DNA).



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