Perfect Balance
A passionate woman with a life journey filled with enriching experiences.
Time Traveller - of the Human and its Intimate.
A humanistic approach with respect and sensitivity.
A vision wide open on the World.
Bilingual English/French -
fluent in both languages

The Universe - The World's living beings fascinates me - with its movements - energies - its joys and sorrows - all these subtle vibrations which are part of life - from the smallest to the higher of the Infinite Universe.

Over the years, I have continuously learned - by observation - understanding and most importantly, constantly evolving the faculties that God and the Divine energy made me messenger to maybe better guide and assist those who come to me (*4th generation psychic).

Close to you to help you on your life past with the help of my channel and psychic energy.

Although I have my personal beliefs, I want to emphasize that I am not member of any secte or religious movement - nor would I proceed to any recruitment for them.

Exchange of views - ideas - and valuable information are welcome, so do not hesitate to share them on my Blog - especially created for that purpose.

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